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Monster® is the leading global online careers property that has changed the way people look for jobs; the way employers look for people; and the way companies connect with their target audience. With approximately 5,200 employees and operations in 36 countries, Monster Worldwide has an unparalleled international reach.  This project was part of a multi-international real estate repositioning in 10 countries and the US.  Located in the artistic district Slotervaart, this EU sales and customer service center is in keeping with the surroundings.  This multi-floor facility is minimalist in nature, yet appropriate for the Monster Worldwide brand image.  Included in the center is a full-service canteen, relaxation area and data center with standby emergency generators.

“We’ve just finished our first meeting in the new building and the vibe was electric! What a start to the year! Everyone is so pleased with the move – the atmosphere was so positively charged. I’m receiving tremendous comments and it is being reflected in the attitude and even the dress code of our team.  It is a metaphor of how we are going to treat the new year, we are upgrading everything we do, building a better way of working, it’s Fantastic.  I know that you do this all day everyday all over the world.  This is your normal day job. But for us this was a big deal – we haven’t moved for 10 years. But we were never concerned or stressed. The handling of the whole project from start to finish was done with such confidence, control & cooperation that I didn’t lose sleep for a second – well… not about the move anyway.  On time. On spec. On budget. Never in doubt.”

Warren Hammond
Managing Director Benelux


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Project Area

31,900 sq. ft. (2,964 sq. m.)