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Core services are initiated from its Headquarters and implemented across the firm’s worldwide network of representatives. RTSPCPinnacle has optimized its virtual workforce components and demonstrated effectiveness by its project successes and duration of client relationships. Licensed professional services outside New York State are by the individual practice of Robert T. Sutter, AIA.  CT (Lic 8005), DE (Lic S5-0007124), DC (Lic ARC6389), FL (Lic AR0016421), GA (Lic RA009080), IL (Lic 001019234), MA (Lic AR30788), MO (Lic A-2004032561), NJ (Lic A12355), NY (Lic 017187), PA (Lic RA014510B), RI (Lic 3358), SC (Lic AR .7827), TX (Lic 20256), and VA (Lic 0401015261).